I'm the kind of guy who can't really appreciate a Call of Duty game much.

I was going to try it online at a friends house once, but I knew I wouldn't be the best at it.


It didn't help that I hear that a good chunk of it's fanbase are supposedly children, terrible, disgusting, delinquent children.

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about 90's recently, Doom's already one of my favorite games of all-time. Recently, I found out that one of those 90's FPS's, Rise of the Triad is getting a reboot, and that made me want to play more games of that style.

Now, for you guys who's favorite first person shooter is a modern-style game, like Call of Duty, shame on you, you bastard.

Now that that's out of the way, 90's FPS's are much more fast paced and wild then Call of Duty-style games. The games are more reliant on skill, rather then who has "Ranked up" more.


Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to play through these games, and explain what kind of experience those games delivered.

To start off, I'll be discussing the FPS's of Id Software. Id Software created revolutionary games, which were incredibly fun, fast, and enjoyable all-round. Even modern first person shooters owe a lot to Id's games!


Wolfenstein 3D (1992, Id Software)


Wolfenstein is not the first FPS, though it is the first- Well, "modern" FPS.

I'm not sure if I should be using the word "Modern", but many features in modern FPS's can be traced to Wolfenstein 3D!


Wolfenstein 3D takes place in a-


I think a Nazi castle or something.

Castle Wolfenstein, right?

The plot is, like, you are a prisoner, whatever, we don't care about the plot.

Anyway, despite having the word "3D" in it's name, it's not "True 3D", true 3D came later in the 90's, but that's a story for another day. The 3D in games like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom were actually 2D images, put together in a way that made it look "3D".


When you play, the game can make you feel like totally bad-ass, or totally worried, depending on Health and Ammo.

Wolf 3D has very simplistic stages, they don't look very unique or anything, just look at this screen shot:


All the stages look pretty much like that, nothing very complex.

Though the levels are simplistic, they are still a blast.

Nothing really beats taking down a whole room full of Nazi's with a mini-gun!

Each level has a basic formula, kill Nazi's, find key, go to locked door, repeat.


After going through a whole episode of nine levels, you would fight a boss.

These range from a Nazi doctor to Hitler himself!

Even though it's a bit repetitive, Wolfenstein 3D is still a solid FPS to this day, and I would highly recommend it, you should try the Xbox 360 version for the best control scheme.


This isn't the best version of the game, but Id Software has re-released the game for browsers, you can check that out here: http://3d.wolfenstein.com/game_NA.php

The formula I previously mentioned was refined in Id Softwares's next game, DOOM.


Doom (1993, Id Software)


Doom is such an improvement over Wolfenstein 3D, that it is hard to think that they were developed only a year apart.

In Doom, well, like I said, the plot of these games aren't a big deal, something about Hell invading. You fight Demons, and Zombies, you kill them, rip and tear.


The game is incredibly varied compared to it's predecessor, that it never really gets boring,

when I say that the game is varied, I don't just mean it changes the Wolfenstein 3D gameplay and design to be more advanced and complex, each "Episode" of the game feels different then the rest, the first, "Knee Deep In The Dead" takes place in a technology-filled military base on one of Mar's two moons, Phobos.


The second, takes place on the other moon, Deimos. In this one, Hell has invaded already, and it's much more obvious that Hell has invaded this military base.

The third episode, has you going into Hell itself, I won't spoil it's level design for you.


The gameplay is solid, there are plenty of unique enemies that can be dealt with in a variety of ways, like, the big floating monsters with a big eye, named Cacodemons, won't be able to fire back if you hit them with a chain-gun continuously.

Doom still follows it's predecessors, kill enemies, find key, open door formula, but it works even better here! The levels are all unique and memorable.


Just don't play Doom 2.

Anyway, next week on "90's FPS Shooters, a Retrospective!",

Build Engine games!

Anyway, that post could have been way better. I was going to have a thing on Doom death matches, but I'm way too tired. Any ideas how I can improve my writing for the next 90's FPS Shooters post?


I probably should have gone for more of a straight up review style...

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