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Remember when MegaMan was a major franchise?

I remember MegaMan five years ago, during the twentieth-anniversary seeing advertisements, new games, non-hatefulness and a general feeling that the series wasn't being neglected.


Sure, most of that was MegaMan Ultra-Star Netword DX and that isn't my thing, but at least the name was being used.

What did we get during the twenty-fifth anniversery?

That fan-game being sponsored by Capcom, and, eh... I think the comic still exists.


Anyway, perhaps a new Mega Man is being planned?

Capcom has to seriously consider what route they go for the next MegaMan.

Doing another retro-styled 8-bit game wouldn't feel right.

Remember the PSP remake of MegaMan 1, MegaMan: Powered Up?

Full of content and a generally fun game.

That was a good game, however, MegaMan 1 is far from the best MegaMan, a more suitable game for a remake is MegaMan 2.


The cancelled MegaMan Universe was supposedly what I would of wanted.

Capcom could also go the route Super Mario 64 took before it and become a full-3D platformer.

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Imagine that!

I think Capcom might want to make the MegaMan games more interesting to the casual gamer types without alienating the hardcore.


I'm pretty sure the gamers leaning toward casual are probably not interested in 2D titles, though, they do make up a large portion of the player-base.

(I'm talking teenagers, kids, unaware folk.)

Why not make a 3D-platformer MegaMan?

Find a way to successfully take the MegaMan-style gameplay and put them in a 3D environment.


Well, you guys got any ideas of what you would like to see from a new MegaMan game?

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